Sean Pledges to bring more awareness, education, partnerships and sustainability to the Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District Board and the beautiful natural resources of Orange County. He has a long history of devoting time to other local causes and helping others.

He is doing this because he wants to work hard to secure a better place for his children and yours. He recognizes the value of water and soil conservation and understands how it is critical to our existence and wants to work toward finding a good balance between development and conservation that benefits everyone.

By voting for Sean, you are making a statement that you care about our county and the environment and want someone who is going to stand up and make a difference.


  • Bring more attention to the Board and its functions.
  • Bring more awareness to Orange County natural resources and the challenges they face.


  • Seek opportunities to expand environmental education to ALL Orange County constituents.
  • Educate other elected officials on the importance of soil and water conservation.


  • Expand and strengthen partnerships in the community to broaden the mission of the Board.
  • Work with key stakeholders to determine solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Work with other elected officials to drive positive action today that will benefit generations to come.


  • Encourage policies and best practices to help sustain and improve the natural resources in Orange County.